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Learning dutch


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Hi Guys

The names Moe, just joint linguaholic...

Im a currently staying in South Africa, Johannesburg. I will be moving to Amsterdam holland before december 2016.

Im currently learning dutch and preparing for the basis sexamen. I will be taking the test at the pretoria dutch embassy. .

If theres any other students like me out there... i would love to be in contact with you...as this would help us broaden our knowledge as to learning dutch...and also would love to make new friends.

Hoping to hear from you guys soon☺


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Welcome. :)

Since you say you're living in South Africa right now, I would recommend you to grasp some knowledge to Afrikaans while being there.
Afrikaans is generally easier to learn for English speakers than Dutch is, and they're mutually intelligible (so once you arrive here, you may have less difficulty learning Dutch).
But if you want to skip that one and go straight to Dutch, that's fine too.

There aren't so many learners of Dutch here other than @Trellum and @anna3101, but if you (or the 2 girls I just mentioned) are willing to, I can recommend you to join our Praatcafe meetup.
I actually don't run it, but I'm there nearly each time this meetup gets organised.

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Hello Moe!

I am new here too.I am preparing for dutch exame in my ambassy in Serbia.My plan is to apply for exame next month. I have books Naar nederland and I am preparing from that book, but you can also find all lessons on site naarnederland and download them.Off course, I am very scared how everything will go so any help or support are welcome ☺.

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Hi There Ivana:)

Im so excited i have found someone who is in the same boat as me.

Yes you are correct about the naarnederland website, that is where i have been learning off, really good website. Ive watched all the films and downloaded them all, ive downloaded the photobook as well as all the audio, i then went on further to print the photobook and the workbook. I have having done that makes such a huge difference and that helps me alot. I can then make notes in the them, for example if i dont know the meaning of a word...i simply look it up and write it next to it...

Lets help each other out, and the big plus is..we both have been studing on the same website.

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