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Who is your favorite english-writing author?

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I love reading books in English, especially the classics. One of my favorite authors, I have to say, is Jane Austen, and Vladimir Nabokov (though he is Russian). I was wondering what yours were :)

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I personally read a lot of books from Brian Tracy. Almost each and everyone of his books.

He is a non fiction writer and writes on self improvement. Some of his books which I have read are:


  • Eat that frog
  • Maximum achievement
  • Goals

All of which are a master piece. If you are looking for a author on self improvement, he is the best out there and some others I often read are Les Brown in the same niche.

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As for me, my favorite authors are Sidney Sheldon, Rick Warren, and Linda Goodman. All three of them write about different genres. Sidney writes romantic novels, Rick Warren is more of an inspirational author, and Linda is into astrology.

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I love Agatha Christie's murder mysteries - the books tend to be a shorter length too so a much easier read! I also like Michael Crichton and if you are trying to dig deep into a pretty epic series, Robert Jordan has some great work. 

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Scribendi: World-Class Editing and Proofreading

I really like Michael Hemmingson. I knew him for a time and he was a thriller, mystery, literary writer. A lot of his books were erotica (written as himself and under pseudonyms) for Blue Moon Books. His books were brilliant and tragic full of sad people in the worst moments of their life. He also wrote funny stuff like his novella Hardboiled Stiff where he tries to take a Raymond Chandler approach to zombies where the zombie detective wakes up in the grave and while he's investigating the hippie conspiracy eats brains along the way. 

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There are a number of authors who I'd say are my favorites. That's because I have no favorite genres.

A few of my favorites:

Humor: P.G Wodehose, Robert E. Howard
Horror: Stephen King, Sheridan Le Fanu
Others: Erle Stanley Gardner, Willard Price, Lewis Caroll and Enid Blyton.

To be honest I hardly ever read books that were written after 2002 so I don't know too many contemporary authors.

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Mine is Toni Morrison. I just can't get enough of the Bluest Eye and Beloved. I've read these books numerous times and I always get the same feeling each time I finish reading them. She's a fantastic writer and an amazing person. A truly one of a kind talent. I also love Elie Wiesel. His book Night is my all-time favorite. I always recommend it to bookworms. It has touched me in so many ways possible. 

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