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What does the Chinese Character 着 stand for?

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I have a question about the chinese character 着。

Sometimes I see the character 着 after a verb.

This morning I stumpled upno the sentence: 王老师在教师里说着话。

I guess it would also be possible to just say 王老师在教师里说话。

What is the difference of those two sentences? Is the 着 mandatory here ?

greetz, 丹尼尔 :)

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On 2015/12/6 上午2:08:31, atanas.velikov said:

Can someone show me the chinese characters for faith, hope and love please. I want to paint them on my wall but don't want to put something ridiculous on there :D

in simplified character(used in mainland China):信,望,爱

in traditional character(used in Taiwan and Honkong):信 望 愛

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