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Hi, I'm Julian. I live in the Netherlands and I'm 18 years old.

Ever since I was young I started learning English simply by using the internet, playing games and (attempting) to talk to people.
It wasn't until a couple years ago that I suddenly gained an interest in learning languages. I wanted to learn all the nordic, germanic and romance languages until I realized I should probably just stick to romance languages for now. 

Gaining interest in learning languages probably started when I figured out that most latinos and middle easterners speak extremely poor English, or no English at all. When I would ask them why, they would almost always reply with ''Why don't you speak Spanish/Arabic''. This angered me at first. I'd simply mark their entire continent as uneducated, and seize contact with them. I then realized I don't accomplish anything through this, so I decided that I'll be the grown up and learn their language instead.

Anyways, hope I'll have a bit of fun here interacting with everyone!

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