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A Quick Hi From A New Member!

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Hey everyone! Just found this forum today, and it looks really interesting  :D My first time joining a forum based on teaching and learning languages.

So a quick introduction from me. I'm from Indonesia and my mother language is, obviously, Indonesian (Pretty similar to Malay). But practically in every year of my education, I have studied in English, so I guess my English might as well be my first language. I'm definitely looking forward to helping fellow forum members who want to improve their English. I guess Indonesian isn't exactly a popular language most people want to learn, but I'll pop in the Other Languages section once in a while as well, just in case someone needs a little help with Indonesian/Malay.

On the other hand, I am also quite fluent in German, since I took a preparatory course to study in Germany, although in the end, my family decided against me going too far away. My German is actually already at the university level (I even went through the trouble of taking the language exam), but I definitely could use a little help for the grammar. There are way too many rules and a refresher would be nice.

Also, I'm currently (re)learning Chinese. I have spent 6 years studying Chinese in middle school, but I was just too unmotivated to properly learn it, and after 3 years of not using a single Chinese word, I'm nearly back to zero again. I'm taking a Chinese course right now, and I'll be sure to check out the Chinese Language section to boost my studies.

So, I guess that's it about me. I'll see you around in the forums!:lol:

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Welcome aboard.  It looks like you really bring a fresh and interesting perspective and history with you, and that is certainly exciting to see.  I would say that you have come to good place to learn and share.  I hope that you enjoy yourself here and learn a lot, and it is nice to meet you.

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Despite English is not your mother language, you really know your way around with it, for real. It's such a good thing to see that there are many people from all around the world who have managed to dominate the language, it's really cool, indeed. Hopefully you can learn a lot here, we're all friendly so dont you even think about it twice before asking anything. Welcome again.

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