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¡Hola! My name is Jose and I teach Spanish via Skype or Google Hangouts at www.yourspanish.website , where you can also find plenty of free materials to learn, improve and enjoy learning this language.

In YourSpanish.Website you will find videos, audio-texts, exercises, music... all for free :) and of course you can check my prices and packages if you'd like to take personalised lessons with me.

I love creating materials to make the learning experience enjoyable, rewarding and worth to have a look at. So I would appreciate any kind of constructive feedback you're happy to give me you improve my site and make it a better place to learn. Well, thanks for reading and..  ¡nos vemos!

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Well that is a very good idea, and very noble of you, so thank you so much for that and just for bringing that positive attitude to the field.  It is always refreshing to hear of or to see, so that is nice.  Anyways, I like the idea of providing these free services as a base and then offering the option for more personal services.  I think that really gets the best of both worlds in terms of overall reach, so well done there.

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      Here is a video (in Spanish) comparing Colombian, Brazilian, and Costa Rican coffee:
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      So, what's Mextalki?
      We're a growing Youtube Channel aimed to increase your vocabulary set as well as your listening skills by providing videos of authentic conversations with subtitles in both English and Spanish as well as including for each video "key-vocabulary" that will help you understand much better what we're saying.
      We offer to your disposal 3 kind of videos:
      -Spanish in the world - conversations (featuring different accents of native-speaking countries) Example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOzNSWH7wpc
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      Hi everyone! Thanks for reading.
      My name is Tania. I'm a native Spanish Teacher who teaches Spanish Online on Skype. This is my website, from it I want to help you to master Spanish. Have a look!
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      My lessons will clearly suit you if:
      1. You are an absolute beginner or an intermediate student and you want to learn Spanish comfortably from home, coffee shop...
      2. You want to learn through something engaging, dynamic that keeps you motivated.
      3. You are curious about/like/love some kind of Spanish art, such as monuments, paintings, movies, series...
      4. You want to take personalised lessons which perfectly suit you needs (practice just some skils, Survival Spanish, General Spanish, for academic or work purposes...).
      You can book a free trial lesson to see how it works. It's great, I promise! And NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

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