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Beelinguapp: Two languages side by side

David Gomez

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I have created this app called: Beelinguapp, i think it is the most useful tool, with it you can hear and read texts in 2 languages side by side, using your native language as a reference. This has helped me with my german quite a lot to achieve a great level. It has some short children stories and also some interesting books and new articles.


Please give me feedback about it and I will add it to the app to improve it!




Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.20.41 PM.png

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So you are the creator of this app. I use an Android phone and I will check your app on Google Play.Hopefully, this app will be very useful for me. I not only want to improve my English but also want to learn another international language.

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I like the idea of this app .. however I didnt find the dutch language to use it :( ... but from what I have been using it, it looks really cool and interesting, and i consider it a very atractive and useful way to learn. 


Greetings from Mexico. 

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Hi :)

Your app seems great, any plans of making an Apple version of it?

I'd like to read side-by-side in Japanese and Korean.



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