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What are the differences between German and Austrian German?

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Austria has an own dialect called "Austrian" which is very similar to the dialect "Bavarian". So that's very different from the standart German language: there are words that are called different in German, there are even some grammar differences. But even when speaking standart German Austrians pronounce some things different and most of them have an accent. (So you normally recognize when someone comes from Austria when you're German.)

I don't know if I can post links here, but this video can maybe help you:


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Thank you for posting that Sailor Cat.  The video link worked just fine and gave me good perspective and examples that were helpful.  I recognized most of those words too from what I know of Germanic languages and discovered I speak Yiddish with a German accent rather than an Austrian one which was interesting. 

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Austrian German is 1 version of many scores of German versions on the market. I'm sure than within Austria that there are quite a few versions, just because they have been in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.

Some claim that Dutch is only a version of German language.

Therefore, your query does not compute. Imagine someone asking"How is Neel Kumar distinct in men of Indian origin residing in Silicon Valley?"

Some anecdotes:
They used to talk with one another in English. Why? Since one had been from East Prussia while another was out of Alsace and, while they spoke"German", they weren't able to know each other whatsoever.

If history had turned out differently, we are talking about a really different pair of languages compared to that which we do now. I heard a man give a two minute presentation of Frankfurt dialect - everything I could grab were the first two words - Guten Tag. Everything was a blur (and in the moment, my German was damned good).

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