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What tools are useful in language learning?


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I know this is mainly about software and methods, but out of everything I've tried the most beneficial constant was a genuine desire to learn. I think if you have that you'll be successful without any software at all.

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I feel like watching movies and listening to music in the language you want to learn help most people who don't have the time and/or money to travel to the country itself. Trying to understand people on screen/on the radio might seem hard at first but with time you will understand more and more. It also gives you the regularity you need to get used to the language and it helps you emerge. I get a lot of music and movies with help from this great page and I am glad that in todays world we have the option to do so. I imagine it being a lot harder if you don't have access to movies, music and books in the language you are trying to learn.

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I definitely agree with you SusanC !

And I think thanks to the several "real-time chat's technologies" it becomes quite easy to find language partners to speak or write days after days. I think having a language routine is one of the main key to improve significantly in a foreign language ! 

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