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Learning Katakana


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Learning it is hard especially not all words use katakana - only non-Japanese words.

I had an iPod mini when I was learning it and what I did was changed the settings to Japanese and most things were in katakana! (eg ミュージック for music)

Obviously it's a lot harder to do now since iPhones/iPod touches use a lot more Kanji just cos there are a lot more features. But if anyone still uses an old school iPod classic or mini or nano etc, it's definitely a great way to learn!!

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I notice katakana is really common in popular fashion magazines and anything youth-oriented as well as in technical documents because of the large number of loanwords coming from English. It is used in some native Japanese words such as names of animals and plants (in scientific contexts) as well as for emphasis and sound effects (like italics in English).

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