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Find Native Speakers to Practice Speaking Skills

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Hello Everyone!
I am working on making a mobile phone application that helps people learn a new language through conversations. The application will connect students with nearby native speakers so they can meetup, chat and help people pick up the language in a more authentic environment. You can search people based on the languages you speak or are learning, and can plan your meetups through creating invitations.
My team is trying to change the traditional way of how people practice a newly learnt language. A comprehensive command of language requires more than a disparate list of words in your vocabulary bank. It requires that you have the skill to discern the nuances, and the ability to use words in their right context and setting and even knowing the history and roots behind those words. We believe that only a native speaker can help someone understand these intricacies. Therefore, we aim to help learners by pairing them up with native speakers so that they are able to practice their spoken skills and become confident speakers.
So I am looking for some insights as to how generally people would like to learn in this kind of scenario, and gather some feedback. 
Please leave a comment below if you'd like to volunteer to contribute and share your thoughts and I'll reach out to you with some follow up questions. If you have ever traveled to a different country and tried to learn their language, I'd love to talk to you!
Hit me up below
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Hi tangerine

Sounds great! Im very interested in experimenting with new methods of how we learn languages. I would be happy to get inspired by your idea and, perhaps, to inspire you with my experience. Let's have a conversation!

Talking about my experience in learning new languages: I'm a German native speaker, speaking Spanish with a high fluency (I've lived for one year in Chile). Furthermore I speak French, pretty fluent I'd say....

I hope to hear from you soon! :)

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Native Monks is looking for tutors in all languages to work from home using Skype. Native Monks helps students from around the world learn over 130 languages from the comfort of their home with a dedicated tutor online.

If you are a language teacher with command over your language, register with us here- https://nativemonks.com/tutor-register and start taking classes for students from all over.

Native Monks is an online platform that connects tutors with students facilitating teaching over 140 different languages. It provides tutors with an opportunity to give language lessons to students from across the world, and offers the benefit of work from home with flexible working hours. Tutors can use their knowledge in the languages they specialise in and their language training skills to earn well by taking one to one Skype lessons.

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