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Por Favor, ayudarme para aprender Español!!


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Hola a todos!

Hi, I'm currently two months deep into intense(ish) study of Spanish and my goal is to challenge myself to become conversational by Christmas this year (2017) I'm doing at least an hour every day, listening to Spanish music, studying grammar and also supplementing my learning with the language hacking Spanish book by Benny Lewis.

However where I live there is a distinct lack of Spanish, and so I have turned to the internet to help and to try immerse myself, I hoped that videoing my progress/attempts might help as the internet can hold the cruellest of critics and thought that would be a good way to be picked up for my mistakes, however I don't appear to be getting views or opinions from anyone so don't know where I'm going wrong!

I would be crazy grateful if people on here would give my spanish updates (which i will continue on here) a watch and point out anywhere I am going wrong, of course if people want to they are welcome to subscribe to follow my progress on youtube, but that isn't my goal, my goal is to learn Spanish. 

Thank you for your harshest of criticisms in advance :)  Also apologies that my Spanish is at a very poor level!



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Finished mission 9 of Benny Lewis's language hacking Spanish book....found it ok to do but as I come to the end of the book I find myself wondering how to choose which topics I will study/which vocab I will need once I finish the book! Any thoughts?

Here is my latest video if anyone would like to correct it:


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¿Listo para hablar español esta navidad? I think you did a great job in your Spanish Mission videos a few months ago. Would you please post some updates? I guess you have made some progress although your Spanish pronunciation was already very good by then. I did notice some minor mistakes, for example the  pronunciation of "gi" in the word "gimnasio", you pronounced "oche" instead of "ocho" for number 8, "agricultores", "estatua", "cerca del mar",  and you missed to pronounce the "u" in the word "restaurante". It is surely French/English/German interference because in those languages that "u" sound is imperceptible or it is just "mixed" with the preceding "a" to form another sound that doesn't exist in Spanish. In fact, it is challenging for me to pronounce "restaurant / le restaurant / das Restaurant" in English / French / German and make the correct distinction between them. 



Other than that, well done!!! I'd be glad to review your pronunciation and grammar as soon as you publish new material. 

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