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Passé récent VS Passé antérieur

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I am wondering what is the difference bewteen the passé récent (in the past - with imparfait) and the passé antérieur. I know they have different construction and antérieur is far more formal. Is there any difference in meaning or they are just interchangeable and both can be compared to the past perfect?

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    • By zfry123
      Hallo Zusammen,

      ich beschäftige mich z.Z. mit Going-to-Future, Will-Future, Simple Present, Present Continuous. Dazu 
      mache ich eine kleine Übung, bei der ich entscheiden soll, ob die Zeit (speziell Going-to-Future, Will-Future richtig verwendet wurden). Da ich leider keine Lösung habe, wollte ich euch Fragen, ob ich richtig liege. Ich habe hinter jeden Satz geschrieben, welche Zeit verwendet wurde, ob richtig oder falsch und welche Zeit eigentlich richtig wäre (falls nötig). Was meint Ihr! Vielen Dank und viele Grüße!   

      1. I’m going to eat at my friends’ house this evening. Going-to-Future, falsch, Present Continuous
      2. Look at that man on the roof. He’ll fall!  Will-Future, richtig, 
      3. These black clouds tell me it’s going to rain.  Going-to-Future, richtig
      4. The train will leave at seven o’clock. Will-Future, falsch, Simple Present
      5. Next Sunday I will play golf with Bill Clinton. Will-Future, falsch, Going-to-Future
      6. Italy will win the World Cup in 2014. Will-Future, richtig
      7. I’m washing my hair tonight. Present Continuous, richtig
      8. This year I’m going to read more. Going-to-Future, falsch, Will-Future
      9. What will you do tonight? Will-Future, falsch, Present Continuous
      10.I’m never smoking again. Simple Present, falsch, Will-Future
      11.I go to university next year. Simple Present, falsch
    • By franny2102
      i am wondering about this scenario: 
      “What are you looking at?” 
      “Oh, I am looking at the cover of the song we were listening to last night.” 
      Can I use “was listening to” instead of “listened to”
    • By Kai
      found the word 'saß' in a text I was reading, it translated to 'sat'? But when I congugate sitzen, I get the past tense as gessessen. Can someone explain? Is it in a different tense?
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