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Hi all! I am new here and hoping to provide value, I wanted to create a post showing you guys the programs and books I have used to aid in learning the many languages I know, I am a polyglot:) I 100% believe immersion is the most important, but if you are learning any of these languages, and can afford the books or courses, give them a shot, they all have helped me/are helping me tremendously. Much love to all!



Fluent in Three Months (book)

Rosetta Stone!

Instant Immersion (Many languages) 



Synergy Spanish

Learning Spanish Like Crazy

Rocket Spanish

Accelerated Spanish (book)

Language Hacking Spanish (book)

Living Language Spanish


Rocket French

Language Hacking French (book)

Living Language French


Rocket Arabic

Living Language Arabic 

Pimsleur Arabic


Rocket Chinese

Living Language Chinese


Rocket Japanese

Razi Sensei (Aprende desde español)


Thai Alphabet in 60 Minutes

Pimsleur Thai

Read Thai In 10 Days


Rocket Italian

Language Hacking Italian

Living Language Italian


Rocket German

Living Language German


Rocket Russian

Living Language Russian

OTHER MISC LANGUAGES (friends have used them with great results):

Rocket Sign Language

Practical Hebrew

Rocket Korean

Rocket Hindi

Rocket Portuguese

Things I have used for mindset, time, focus, and success, that have all helped me on my language learning journey!:)

Success Mind Academy (Mindset)

Super Brain Mind Power (Mindset)

Six Minutes To Success  (Mindset)

Magic In Your Mind (Mindset)

The Action Machine (Procrastination/Time Management)

Zen Meditation (Meditation/Focus)

Seven Minute Mindfulness (Meditation/Mind)

Much love and good luck on your language learning adventures!!! <3


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Good evening, I think your account just got banned for being a spambot.

Have a nice day.

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