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I have two kids (6 and 7) that are learning Japanese at school. I'm also learning Japanese so I can help them with homework. My job is making kids educational games, but in my own time (to help out my kids) I made a game to help them remember Hiragana and Katakana. I've put it online so anyone can use it, and will be adding more games as we go along.

Kana Bento - Hiragana game

Hope you find it useful.

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Just some recommendations:

1. Either remove the non - functioning arrow button or make it behave like the "play now" button.
Just having there without any functionality just makes no sense at all, I tried to click it in order to start the game, and then I realised that the actual button is at the bottom instead of top.

2. I actually recommend you put "hiragana" as ひらがな and "katakana" as カタカナ, better for the brain of those who are just starting to learn.

3. Once you complete the game, you might want to make the game redirect back to the menu screen, or show a "you won" or "your time: 01 : 00 00" or something.
Because right now it feels like if the game got stuck after completion.

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