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    • By Tobias-XD
      Hey, my dear friends!
      I just found out an amazing Chinese learning tool. 
      eChineseLearning has been teaching Chinese online for over 14 years,they’are definitely qualified for any level Chinese learner to stick with!!
      I was completely shocked how they respond to my injury, I been told all of their teachers are native speakers, and eChineseLearning is constantly recruiting those who have the certification to teach Chinese from all around the world!
      check it out if you are interested! definitely worth a try  
    • By Sfenglish
      English52 (www.english52.com) is a great program if you want to study from home, on your laptop or on your phone while on the bus or at the cafe. English has never been more important but every learner is different and some people prefer to study English at their own pace.
      The program has 3 modules to suit proficiency levels from complete Beginner to high Advanced (fluency) and features videos, interactive exercises and practice tests to measure your progress. It is an interactive and engaging study environment.
      In total I enjoyed over 500 hours of study time which helped me improve my English on my own timetable, and move from beginner to advanced.
      The program addresses English grammar, English pronunciation, accent reduction, reading & listening, TOEFL preparation and Business English. 
      English52 gave me all the tools I needed to learn English, it felt like I had a teacher right next to me. 
      Check out English52 (www.English52.com), which is available on Apple play and iTunes.
      Please click on this link to learn  more:
      ·       Over 500 hours of Free English study
      ·       Interactive and effective program
      ·       All CEFR levels available (A1-C1)
      ·       Personal and digital learning experience
      ·       Access anywhere anytime
      ·       Real world language instruction
      ·       Designed by teachers for students 
      ·       Authentic content
      ·       Automated progress recording
      ·       Mobile & tablet friendly
    • By Zach
      Spanish can be a really hard to learn but when your equiped right it can be much easier, in this text im going to propose you one of the best site to learn spanish in just a few day, is that cool ?!? The site is totally leagit and got more than 6000 student that are determinated to learn spanish. 
      Click here for more info (or the link below) and to learn spanish in a good environement with nice people! Que tengo un buen dia! 
    • By Vincent
      Hello! I am Vincent. I had a hard time learning Italian. But I found a learning method that changed my life! I'm here to share this with you guys so you can use the same method as I did =)
      For the link to the method! https://bit.ly/3m7z6pK
      Studies show that 95% of those who learn a language during an extended stay in a foreign country can speak the language in a much better way than those who do not immerse themselves in the new language. For most people, the easiest and most effective way to learn a new language is to speak a lot. In this way, new neuronal pathways and connections are formed in your brain. Very soon you will be able to use the new skills confidently. We have understood this principle and developed a new language learning program that allows you to speak your new language from day one, whether at home or on the go. Try it yourself, and you will see how much easier language learning is than with traditional language course.
    • By WindyCityLuis
      Hello everyone, 
      I hope this message finds you well. My name is Luis. I am currently studying to become a UX/UI Designer, and I am seeking individuals with experience with learning vocabulary using educational or flashcard apps. I am building my own, and I would love to learn from your expertise. If that sounds like you and you would be willing to speak to me for 15 - 20 minutes online, please fill out my twenty-second form, and I will get back to you! Or, if you know someone, please share this message with them. Thank you so much! 
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