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Vocabulary Training Software


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I am looking for English vocabulary training software or an app that would say common English words in random order. After every word I should write it. The software will then compare my answer to the right answer and tells the result. Is there any software or web site for that purpose?

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Yes, this functionality realized here. http://123abceng.com Writing - it's part of "spell" exercise. You can add your own word list, and web-application will start vocabulary descriptions and images related to your word list. For your task you can set up to 0 all grammar quizzes, and work only with Most Common exercise and Spells. Most common exercise still important for your case, because system is going go describe your active vocabulary and show to you word descriptions on the base on your knowledge. Than more your level is getting higher, than more complicated dictionary descriptions system will show to you.

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On 08.03.2018 at 20:49, Masanen said:

Я ищу программу для тренировки английской лексики или приложение, которое будет произносить общеупотребительные английские слова в случайном порядке. После каждого слова я должен написать его. Затем программа сравнит мой ответ с правильным ответом и сообщит результат. Есть ли какое-либо программное обеспечение или веб-сайт для этой цели?

Try the Quizlet. There are also flashcards and spelling of words, a test, selection and memorization function. Words you add yourself can also be exported or added to your library from others. I used it when I was learning English.

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