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FRENCH PROGRESSIVE 1 and 2 get DELF B1 B2 and get DALF C1

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What is the FRENCH PROGRESSIVE pack?
The pack consists of 33 lessons composed of a video of between 10 and 20 minutes where I speak in French and you have all the subtitles in French. I explain clearly the grammar and at times the pronunciation or the vocabulary.
With these videos, you will have the impression of having your private teacher with you!
But for each lesson, you also have an exercise sheet with many different exercises, grammar but also oral comprehensions with various situations and many different voices. There are also exercises to train you in speaking and writing.
And at the end of each worksheet, I also suggest links to other interesting sources to improve your French.
You also have the course summary sheets and vocabulary sheets attached.
You will also find 3 grammar tests and two practice exams of type DELF B1 and B2

click here to enter and download

obtenir le delf b1.jpg

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