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    • By nina_pf
      Hello everybody! Learning languages is and has been a passion of mine ever since I was little. It is something I have always wanted to share, but have only now found the courage to do. I have created a YouTube channel, where I post all the best tricks and ways to learn a language that I have learned and experienced myself throughout the years (my mother tongues are Spanish and German, and I am fluent in English, Catalan and French). My current project is studying Mandarin Chinese  
      As mentioned, I have just now started the channel, but the contents have been years in the making. I have big plans for content, which I will post very consistently and frequently (I have lots of time at the moment haha). I have already uploaded the first parts to a mini series about language learning tricks as well as common mistakes to avoid, of which the sequels will be posted in the next couple of days. But my biggest plans, that I have already begun, are, for one, teaching the languages I speak to others and help people in whatever way I can, and for the other documenting my Chinese speaking progress in a video diary, that will be uploaded every two weeks, in which I speak freely to the camera for one minute a day (I have been filming the first episode for seven days already). It's a great way to hold myself accountable and study Chinese for a few minutes every day haha
      If you are at all interested, It would mean the world to me if you could take the couple of minutes it takes and have a look at one of the videos linked below you think might interest you. If you then think you might enjoy the kind of content I have posted and plant to post in the future, you are very welcome to subscribe and keep up with the posts 
      Thanks for reading! 
    • By Vincent
      I am Vincent. I had a hard time learning French. But I found a learning method that changed my life!
      I'm here to share this with you guys so you can use the same method as I did =)

      Studies show that 95% of those who learn a language during an extended stay in a foreign country can speak the language in a much better way than those who do not immerse themselves in the new language. For most people, the easiest and most effective way to learn a new language is to speak a lot. In this way, new neuronal pathways and connections are formed in your brain. Very soon you will be able to use the new skills confidently. We have understood this principle and developed a new language learning program that allows you to speak your new language from day one, whether at home or on the go. Try it yourself, and you will see how much easier language learning is than with traditional language course.
      For the link to the method! https://bit.ly/31tE8mI 
    • By spanishlover
      Spanish Language, History, Dialects, Literature, Grammar and Slang
      The Spanish language is the 3rd most spoken idiom in the world after Chinese and English. A significant part of the Spanish speakers is found in Latin America who together with those living in Spain, United States, Philippines and even Africa make up the 417 million Spanish speakers  (read more)
    • By Prsagar
      Hello! You're looking to learn French language This is for you your learn Free and getting this beneficiary's
      Read an exciting story in your desired language and in this way learn the most important vocabulary for daily conversations quickly and easily. Listen to the exciting story as an audio book! Get used to the correct pronunciation and improve your listening skills!
      Click here's it's free
      Start talking actively and using the learned vocabulary! Learn to use your desired language assiduously and to speak it fluently!Language training of each lesson, you will be accompanied by our thrilling history and thus learn new vocabulary and grammar with ease.
      +15 Audio files
      With the numerous audio files you become accustomed to the correct pronunciation and improve your listening comprehension!
      Early success and fast results 
      With NLS you just need ten minutes a day to learn the language of your choice. In a few weeks you will already be able to hold short conversations. 
      Click here more information about it's free (NOPE)
    • By JUST_a_FRENCH_guy
      Ça ira
      Avant toi
      Tokyo Ghoul - 『Unravel』 【Full French ver.】
      Bella Ciao - La Casa de Papel (French/Italian)
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