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    • By gr5959
      What is "I hope you will not be displeased by these glimpses of local life" in correct French? GR
    • By Johnson
      I like to learn new languages. However, for traditional classes and tutorials, they are costly and boring, and I lack of opportunities to practice. For internet learning, it lacks of motivation which keeps me learning the new language. Makes me so headache~~~
      Recently used an app called FYLP and it helps me find a language partner.
      As I want to learn Japanese, I have been matched with a Japanese language partner, and we keep chatting using the app. At first, we use English to chat. As we are more familiar with each other, as she keeps teaching me new words and structures, we start using more and more Japanese to communicate. We always share our daily life with each other.  I can learn Japanese in a funny and effective way through this app as Japanese immerses in our communication. I do not need to memorize hardly.
      I can know more about Japanese culture too.
      And I can make more foreign friends through this app too~~~
    • By trangvuvietnam
      Hi everyone! I just want to share this Vietnamese speaking channel. I do hope this channel will be useful for people who are interested in Vietnamese. Thank you for reading and have a good day!
    • By Lauren
      Salut! I'm creating a document in French for my job, and from what I understand, one of my sentences is somehow off. Can anyone help me improve it?
      "Nos consultants sont en mesure de fournir à nos clients des informations précieuses sur les questions commerciales fondamentales et de vous aider à faire des affaires."
    • By Mandarin teacher
      Hello! My name is Chen Wei.
      I am a certified Chinese teacher from China with over 7 years of experience, and have taught many students of all ages and levels.
      Whether you are a complete beginner or intermediate, I welcome you to attend my classes! 
      Class fees start from $25 per class.
      Structure (Location & Time)
      The classes will be held at a library around Sydney, or nearby coffee shop.
      The structure can be a private 1-on-1 lesson, as a group, or online using webchat.
      Bookings are essential to secure your preferred class times.
      Contact details
      Please feel free to contact me to discuss your current Chinese language level and goals. 
      Mobile: 0421 954 987
      Email: 261924942@qq.com

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