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iGE: android grammar app [ENGLISH]


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I've recently downloaded this app, as I wanted something on my android tablet to help me study English grammar.

It was made by UCL, University College London, so you know it's from a reputable source. There's a free version which will let you try out a good portion of the course for free, and the paid version is very reasonable.

Though interactive, I find that it's really just a grammar in the traditional sense. Not that much different from, a book. I'm impressed by it and am finding it a great help in improving my understanding of English grammar, but it's really lacking the option to bookmark topics you want to come back to. It doesn't even save the place you left the last time, which gets annoying.

Still, it's not that expensive, so if you're looking for a comprehensive grammar for your Android device, I'd recommend it.

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How much does this app cost?

I was searching for it and couldn't find it in the Android store, or perhaps I need to update my tablet's app to get into there because it still says Android Market :\

4.62$, it's on Google Play.


There's also a lite version available if you want to try it without paying. The Play Store reports it as compatible with all of my devices, and it only requires Android 2.1, so you can probably run it. Just download the APK and see if it runs regardless, sometimes Play messes up.

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