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What English words sounds the funniest for you?

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As a german, german words that got 'imported' into the english language sound really funny to me.

Words like 'kindergarten', 'doppelgänger' or 'to abseil' just sound weird for a native speaker :)

I somehow know how that feels like. In my case, loaned English words are the ones that I find funny when they are being used in other languages. For instance, in Japanese, there are a lot of loaned English words and I find their way of pronouncing those words funny. :)

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Guest akasha24

There are definitely some really weird English words out there. Obviously, I will not be able to list all that sound funny to me but I will try and say at least 6 words that sound awkward and make me laugh. Here are some that have always sounded strange to me  :laugh: :







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Scribendi: World-Class Editing and Proofreading

Here's a nomination for 'persnickety,' someone who is very particular and demanding. I do, like an earlier poster, though, have a great fondness for 'kerfuffle' - perhaps because I have a penchant for getting into them from time to time.

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I've honestly never thought of the word "manhole" as funny until OP pointed it out, and now I totally find it funny. Another one I think has a funny ring to it is the word "moist". I remember a show utilizing this specific word, claiming that the character hated it for some reason, so ever since then, I've always found it funny or at the very least, interesting.

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For me, it is indubitable!

When I say it in front of anybody, that person is meant to give me a smile for the word! :) Funny word! :D

I love "indubitable". It conjures up an image of a butler at a Sussex manor. Very much a Remains of the Day-type of word.

Another one of my favourites is "skullduggery". Love to use it more, but it's just not a word you can casually drop into a sentence.

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