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Internet Terminologies Being Used In Daily Conversation

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I'm not one to dictate how others should speak, but for some reason whenever I hear someone in real life utter internet phrases and terms, I cringe. I honestly can't pinpoint what it is about this that bothers me so much, but it just sounds so unnatural and forced. Anyone here share the same sentiments, and do you have any specific examples of ones you particularly hate hearing uttered in the physical world, or does it not bother you one bit?

It makes me cringe and go "yargh". I use proper grammar even when I text. It irks me to hear people go WTF or LOL If you're going to say it then SAY it or just freakin' LAUGH.

I'm not one who gets easily offended in any case and quite frankly would prefer people to utter the actual words rather than all this nonsensical censoring of everything. The standards of proper grammar and speech have certainly been buggered up with the advent of texting...in my opinion anyway.  :tongue:

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I guess the dynamics of language is at work there. Personally, I'm not bothered at all, especially if you engage in casual talk. But I guess your exposure to hearing those affects your tolerance. I hear it a lot because of my teenage sisters and it's often expressed on TV. Sometimes I even find myself saying them!

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Oh boy, there are so many!  I don't want to sound like a complete hypocrite tho, because I have used some of them now and in the past.  Mostly because everyone does it, so why not!? :P

Some of those words are: LOL, WTF, OMG, TTYL, IMO, IC, etc.  The one that gets in my nerves is IMO, ugh, for some reason I cant stand that one.  LOL is ok, as long as the person doesn't use it too much and during the wrong moment.

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For me OMG is fine, I hear it very often (even from TV commercials) so I gotten use to it. But LOL? hello! why would you say it if you're already doing it.  It's just silly.  :tongue:

Note: I thought this topic is about URL/HTML/Hyperlinks/etc.  :grin:

I thought the same thing and looking back now, I wish I had worded the title differently. Anyway, I'm personally a bit annoyed at hearing OMG and LOL uttered in real life (unless done ironically) as I feel as though the person usually says it forcefully just to appear cute and that doesn't sit well with me, and I would find it infinitely more charming if the person just spoke as he or she would naturally. Although, it doesn't really bother me that much that I'd call someone out on it, as I am aware that I couldn't possibly be that much on point all the time myself, so I try to give some room for experimentation for others as well.

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