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Hi from England! Looking to learn some japanese.

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Hi, I'm Matt and I'm from England. For some reason I have got it into my head that I want to learn japanese (it might have something to do with Gaki no Tsukai for any other japanese fans out there). I am setting myself some short term and long term goals in order to help me stay focused:

Short term goals:

.Be able to read some of the famous japanese childrens stories within 2 months (who doesn't want to know a story about a child spawning from a peach and fighting demons?).

.Start a Japanese learning blog.

.Completely stop falling back on Roumaji.

Long term goals:

.Read Matsumoto Hitoshi's books.

.Write a textbook for another language (not english) in Japanese!

Thanks guys, I hope I will enjoy my stay here! Good luck with all of your language learning journeys. If anyone wants to talk to me feel free to either do it publically in the forum or send me a pm/email.

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Welcome Genki, I see you have your goals regarding the Japanese language straight, well done! I hope you enjoy it here at linguaholic.  :karate:

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