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  1. "Guess Word In German" developed by "BitDeveloper" is an entertaining educational game that helps in learning the German language. It is actually a funny game in which a word is selected randomly from the set of whole German nouns up to level B1. The user should find the word by guessing individual letters in the word. At the start of the game, there is a girl with full makeup. Each time the user guesses a letter wrongly, some makeup is removed from the girl's face revealing her original face gradually. The game is over when all the makeup is removed from the girl's face.
  2. Hi guys, I want to introduce two free apps "A1 German Article" and "A2 German Article" by "BitDeveloper" for android platforms. They help you practice German articles of all the nouns that you need to know in level A1 and A2. Good luck with learning!
  3. Hi everybody! I wuold like to introduce "A1 Wortschatz" and "A2 Wortschatz" apps by "BitDeveloper" for learning German language on android platforms. They provide the whole German vocabulary that you need to know in order to get the A1 and A2 certificates. The words are listed in an alphabetic order. You can browse the list and click on the desired word. The English translation will immediately appear at the bottom. The translations are as brief and efficient as possible. You can also search a word in the list for the meaning. Have a look here:
  4. German Noun Gender

    Good luck with your learning! that's true. German noun genders are the most difficult part of this language. Other grammatic rules are almost easy to learn. If you are interested check out another Android application from "BitDeveloper" called "A1 Wortschatz". It lists the whole vocabulary required for A1 level ordered alphabetically and it is also possible to search a word from the list. The English translation shows up immediately below the screen when you select a word. The translation include the most usual meanings as briefly as possible (unlike most dictionaries that people get lost in the huge list of meanings). Other levels A2, B1, ... are coming soon.
  5. German Noun Gender

    A friend of mine.
  6. Hi all, If you want to quickly find the gender of a German noun (der, die, das) check out the Android App "German Article Finder" on Google Play. Good luck