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  1. Hi First of all, my mother tongue is German so if I write something here it might not be 100% what I thought of. My question or topic: My English is actually very good but I have difficulties, especially at spoken language (understanding what is said) quite often. The best example is music. The words are often stretched or distorted. But it's not just that but in general. I think, there are various reasons. I tried to examine (is this the right word for 'to work out'?) which ones they are and came up with this: 1. I just don't know the words (vocabulary), especially if these are idioms. 2. I don't know the context, for example if they talk about something cultural I have no experience with. It may be usual there and not where I live. 3. This is my main point and the reason why I wrote this post. I think, I often just don't understand the phonemes. It is in every languages, even in German sometimes. For example, I might not hear a certain letter if it's not spoken out clearly enough. In slangs, some letters often disappear because they are too difficult to speak and not needed for understanding. I think, you know what I mean. Especially in dialects of a language, you need to learn how certain words are said. For example, a US American speaks in a different way than a person from Britain does. I could write much more but I just leave space for your ideas. I probably forgot something important but I can 'reanswer'... Thanks Bye