TL - Spanish, NL- English, looking for a Spanish speaking buddy/ Facebook, Twitter, whatsApp.

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I'm looking for someone who can help along the learning process,  I'm a beginner and I need someone I can speak to on the daily and correct me along the way.  

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Native Monks is looking for tutors in all languages to work from home using Skype. Native Monks helps students from around the world learn over 130 languages from the comfort of their home with a dedicated tutor online.

If you are a language teacher with command over your language, register with us here- https://nativemonks.com/tutor-register and start taking classes for students from all over.

Native Monks is an online platform that connects tutors with students facilitating teaching over 140 different languages. It provides tutors with an opportunity to give language lessons to students from across the world, and offers the benefit of work from home with flexible working hours. Tutors can use their knowledge in the languages they specialise in and their language training skills to earn well by taking one to one Skype lessons.

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I'm a native spanish speaker from Colombia, I'm really interested in help you to improve your skills at spanish if you help me to improve my speaking skills at english via skype or whatsapp.

Greetings from Colombia


Hablo español nativo de Colombia, estoy realmente interesado en ayudarte a mejorar tus habilidades en español si me ayudas a mejorar el habla en inglés por medio de skype o whatsapp.

Saludos desde Colombia

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