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  1. I think the internet culture has definitely created a system that makes people want to abbreviate words and get them out as quickly as they can. I don't think it's people not having the proper intelligence, but rather people not having the same set of ideals (to have perfect grammar) than others.

  2. My favorite quote ever (and don't get at me for being cliche) is:

    "I took the road less traveled by, and that made all the difference" by Robert Frost.

    I think it just sums up everything that I in my personal life tries to accomplish. I'm not trying to follow the conventional route and be the same as everybody else. I want to be different and be bigger and better.

  3. It's definitely a hobby for me, but i've been so strapped for time lately i've definitely been putting it on the back burner. I feel like if i had a job in language arts, or some type of translation job, i would make more of an effort to learn more languages. The nice part is that French, Italian, and Spanish are so similar, so picking them up is just moving a few words around.

  4. For one year in high school i took an Italian classes because i already knew Spanish. One of the primary teaching methods was showing movies in Italian and taking notes on the speech patterns. I found it extremely helpful watching movies that i've already seen in English in Italian. We watched Shrek and a few others.

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