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  1. and here,  :confused: some that I don't get:

    • "Add legs to the snake after you have finished drawing it."
    • "Mend the pen only after the sheep are all gone."
    • "Kill a chicken before a monkey."

    Haha  :laugh:

    It sounds like it was meant to be left in it's original language. I do see the context in the first one. Adding legs to a snake probably means something like: "thinking out of the box" - you know, like not drawing what others will likely do. I might be partially right.

    EDIT: OOPS! Sorry, should have kept reading to see Leeroys post on this.

  2. I use it all the time for single word translations. It's handy for things like double checking that you're remembering the correct word, of for getting the sense of a sentence where you mostly understand but don't recognize a word or two.

    However it is totally lacking in nuance and context, so I'd be very wary of relying on it for anything complex and without checking other sources as well.

    This is really the only correct way in using this Google feature. When I find myself needing to create an email in Spanish, I often type in a particular word I am having trouble with in English and get it's Spanish translation.

  3. Yes, you can not carry out a meaningful conversation with an app. An engaging conversation with a native speaker definitely makes the brain work. Developing practice through the conversational method is the best way of learning!  :grin:

  4. I can vouch for the other posters. I have been reading Count of Monte Cristo in English and new words have already resurfaced from all the junk inside my brain. These words are not necessarily new to me, but It has been a while since I've read them in a sentence.

    There is also the option of using a thesaurus. It is a great way to look for alternative words that can really liven up an email.

  5. This really requires extra effort for me. Having a quiet environment helps a lot. When I study I usually go to the library because there are less distractions. When things get hot - like if I am nearing a deadline - it is when I become supernatural. I go into overdrive and the urgency of the task at hand is the only thing that keeps me focused. In learning/studying a new language, I can only say that a genuine interest it the only thing that can keep you focused.

  6. I know it sounds strange at first, but it really is efficient. I had to take Spanish classes during the majority of my time in junior high school - it was the only class offered. It worked really well on the students who thought that it was a silly idea. Although it may have been frustrating for them at first, they began to get into the flow and really benefit from this teaching method.

  7. Okay, so I was browsing through the forum when I came across this sentence "El cuchillo está limpio". Why is it "está" & not "es" limpio? Can "es" only be translated as "it is" and not as "is"? Or is there another reason for this?

    "El cuchillo esta limpio"

    Here "esta" is used to denote the current state of the knife. Typically used in situations where things can change.

    Using "es", it can be interpreted in a way to say that the knife is clean and nothing will change.

    That's my take on this. I hope this helps a little.

  8. Hi,

    I've recently been trying to compile a list of books to read with a friend who is learning Spanish.

    Don Quixote is one of those on the list. I wonder that the language may be too far advanced, or perhaps, too cryptic for his level of understanding. What do you guys think?

    I'm also looking into recommendations, I can not seem to find anything worthwhile.

  9. It's a completely different language (that shares some words) that is the reason for an ongoing dispute and separatist claims in Spain. If you follow Spanish football, the rivalry between the teams Real Madrid and Barcelona are based on their differences in language - the region of Madrid is a Castilian stronghold while Barcelona is home to the Catalans. Castilian is what we mean when we say "Spanish".

    That's interesting, so this is not more than a petty feud between neighbors? I mean, what could they possibly gain in seceding? I am not up to date with current events, but it really seems like something insignificant. A rivalry between football clubs is understandable, and it's origin is quite interesting. We live for tomorrow, why should something like this be of a big deal? Surely, there are other important issues that are worth expelling energy on.

  10. I do not generally listen to Spanish artists, but here are some included in my music library:

    Shakira - Most of her music is now in English, but she has a good mix of Spanish lyrics and hotness! :grin:

    Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - They can be a bit fun to listen to.  My favorite song is "matador" - never gets boring.

    Ricardo Arjona - I think he is somewhat good.

    Vicente Fernandez - The idol, the legend and the guy with a serious mustache.

  11. Thanks, I've downloaded it to check out :D

    I don't have a problem with services that have limited versions of their paid services for free to entice customers. Quite the contrary, a good product has every right to command a solid price and allowing customers to see what they will be getting is sensible marketing tool for both parties.

    Yes, I would only accept to pay for services that are truly worth it. I've paid for apps that are absolutely essential for my line of work. So I do not totally dismiss these limited service apps.

    Thanks for posting the app suggestion!

  12. This is odd, I was just practicing my cursive writing last night. I am twenty now, and I vividly remember the booklets and homework I used to work on. I can only imagine the future generations trying to decipher a historical document written in cursive writing. It would be like trying to read an unknown language. Seriously,if not practical, it is at least relaxing - focusing on achieving an elegant writing style makes me forget my troubles.

  13. Hey guys! I have recently decided to pick up some slack. I joined in an effort to continue learning Portuguese. Perhaps a community of like-minded people accelerates my progress. I also like cats and once met a dog who spoke Spanish - I mean understood Spanish, dogs don't speak, ha...

  14. I live in New York City and it is common to hear a distinct New York accent. I can only distinguish an accent of someone from Long Island or upstate New York, but I can not go further than that. English in most boroughs sound exactly the same to me. Never in my life has someone come up to me and call out my accent.

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