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  1. Hi, can you translate this in any foreign language that you know. Please specify the language and if possible the pronunciation.

    Good Morning

    How are you?

    What is your name?

    My name is Ray. (Insert your name instead)

    In Dutch


    Hoe gaat het?

    Hoe heet je / Wat is jouw naam?

    Ik heet Amren / Mijn naam is Amren.

  2. Hello World!

    It's been a while since I've last posted on a language learning forum and I'm glad I'm doing this again.

    I'm not actively learning any particular language right now, but I'm trying to maintain the ones I can already speak and I might want to improve my almost inexistent knowledge of Dutch and Russian in the near future. ;)

    I can help you practice your Dutch if you'd like ;)


  3. Hello and welcome.  I wish you all the best, that is certainly an impressive list of languages, but it looks like you have already learned a second language so you are well on your way.

    Thank you! 谢谢

    Here in the Netherlands it is mandatory to learn English as a second language, and we could choose between German and French as a third. I chose German because I have some German family :) So that explains why I 'already' speak a second language, hihi.

  4. Hi everyone :) My name is Amren, and I'm generally interested in languages. I do have a relatively long list of languages that I want to learn, which includes Chinese, Japanese, Irish Gaelic and Spanish. At the moment, I'm focussing on Chinese only. I'm doing a course and it is much more easy than I had expected.


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