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  1. I don't understand why a friend would not teach their friends. I'm thinking it could be because of the level of friendship. If he is your best friend, I would doubt if he would not teach you the language. Teaching a new language is hard so that could be the reason why. I'm sorry for saying this but that's how I really feel. I know you feel bad and that's okay because I would feel bad too if that happened to me.

  2. I went to Australia to visit my aunt for a vacation. I am already fluent with the English language so I did not have a difficulty when it comes to that. However, the accent would be really difficult to understand at first. After about a month, you'll get used to their accent.

  3. I think it's difficult to teach another language to someone else, whether through Skype or in person. The expectation of a student from a teacher would depend on the level of the student. If the student is a newbie and knows nothing about the language, you have to know how to speak its native language first. If you add Skype to the equation, plus the culture difference, I can imagine the hardship a teacher has to go through.

  4. Have you had that idea that we should just use one language for everyone here on Earth? In my opinion, it would be best if we just use one language, so it's easier to understand each other. Progress for the whole world will accelerate at a rapid rate if this happens. Language has been a major determinant and a major barrier to progress. 

  5. I was taught how to speak English since I was a kid. It was part of our educational programs so there's no reason for me not to learn it. Thinking I have to learn another language is overwhelming, but fun. I am trying to learn how to speak Spanish. The secret in sticking to learning the language, is wanting it, and needing it. 

  6. I hope Spotify would have audio lessons for learning a language. That would be pretty cool, because we can study a specific language wherever we are. However, I think practice in speaking the language is the most important element in learning it.

  7. I am good in both English and Math, although I'm better in Math. My siblings are just good in Math, and they find English hard. I think my Math skills are innate, and English skill was just honed through the years of my work experience where we have to talk in English all the time. In my opinion, English and Math are two skills that even if we're not naturally good at it, we can still practice and hone it. Yes, it's possible that we can be good in both.

  8. I wanted to learn a new language because it's a skill. In a world where changes are abrupt, it's always a must that we keep our skills up to date. In my country, if you know how to speak Spanish, you can get a job that is 4 or 5 times the minimum wage. You will have a salary of a manager right away because the language premium the company pays you is much higher than your basic salary.

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