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Anyone heard of or ever used this site? I’ve been casually searching for a collection of free online language learning resources and happened upon this site. I found it very interesting and thought I’d share it with the Linguaholic community J It’s free as far as I can tell, and covers 48 languages.


What’s more, it even has a wealth of free online materials like eBooks, textbooks, movies, audio books, among others. I hope it proves handy to some if not everyone here. Any feedback would be appreciated :)

Below is the link, for anyone who's interested:



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attaching link I forgot
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It is like a page with links to different sites. I think I can use it I just need time to find the link that suits me. I tried clicking on some of them and one of them makes me download something on itunes so that is not for me as I am now more careful. I do not want to infect my pc with more malwares. There is one link that lead me to a youtube channel with a nicely presented lessons but I am assuming these are not complete. I will spend more time to find the right one for me. I will bookmark it for now thanks lushlala for the information

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@Wanda Kaishin....It would appear it's crammed full of links to useful resources more than anything else. I too am in the process of checking it out properly. I was on another of my favourite discussion forums where the site came in highly recommended.  My hope's that some Linguaholic members have used it and can give us some first hand feedback.

@kurdapia.....it's a pleasure :)  I think i'm going to do exactly what you're doing too. I'm a little reluctant to click on some of the links, too. I guess it's a case of better safe than sorry. I do hope you find something on there that works for you!

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