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Hi guys :)


A friend and I came up with an awesome idea on how to increase and practice Spanish vocabulary.

What if some of the words in the text we already read on the internet, were translated to their Spanish translation? So we'll read them in context?

So we built it!


Lynonym.com  -  Feel free to try us out and let me know what you think!

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I see that this app is also available on google chrome. I was wondering if this is Mexican Spanish? As the big bold photo on the app is a man with a moustache, a colorful straw hat and a poncho that speaks Mexican to me.

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This sounds like a lovely idea and I really enjoy the look of the homepage. I was just wondering if this would include the direct translation of verbs or just the indefinite version? For example, if a person was reading a post that said "I want to go to the beach", would it be translated as "Quiero to go to the beach" or "I querer to go to the beach."?

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