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  1. Help I'm stuck!

    Hi, I'm stuck with a problem that I can't seem to understand and it's eating at me. Ich fahre mit dem Taxi zum Bahnhof/ Zur Schule. Ich fahre mit dem Fahrrad ins Buro/ Krankenhaus. I get that 'Fahrrad' would be in the dative case but how can 'Schule' be in the dative case as well? How do you decide where you go "in" and where you go "zu". How do the accusative and dative cases apply here?
  2. Mein Name

    Hi, could someone help me with a problem I am stuck with? While introducing yourself in German, there are a number of ways you can do that. I encountered an exercise that I could not comprehend. To my eyes, they all seem correct. The question was which of the following are correct ways to introduce yourself: Mein name ist Beckmann Mein name ist Karin Mein name ist Karin Beckmann Ich bin Karin Ich bin Beckmann Ich bin Frau Beckmann Ich bin Karin Beckmann Ich heiße Frau Beckmann Ich heiße Beckmann Ich heiße Karin.... and so forth. How do I know the correct way and is there an explanation for the differences?
  3. Need help with learning

    Thank you for the input, Admin and Natasha. I will continue posting my progress and work on these suggestions
  4. Need help with learning

    Hello everyone. As it might be evidently clear, I'm new to this forum. My primary reason for being a part of Linguaholic is to gain adequate knowledge about languages I am currently pursuing. Firstly, I would like to tell a few things about myself. English and Hindi are my native languages as I am based off India. Currently, I am studying German and French. I know this sounds far-fetched but I am equally enthusiastic about both. I am a beginner in both the languages and am on a quest to master them within a relatively short span of time. I can work hard at it, that shouldn't be a problem. Although, as many language experts may agree with me, it is difficult to teach yourself a language without a teacher. from my association with this forum over time, I wish to achieve two things. 1). Input and suggestions on software/ websites/ guided study on the internet that can help me boost my learning in a systematic manner. 2). Educational and Career prospects that follow suit after the completion of a certain level of a language. I am a noob in the matter but am eager to learn... so any feedback will be appreciated and I would be grateful for the help.