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  1. That's great news Sophi! Nice to have you here (again). Best, Lingua
  2. Do you like Rosetta Stone? I haven't used this software for a while now.
  3. yes, it is very very tragic!
  4. Warm welcome aryprair! I see you are from the Phillipines, that's great. You have many great languages over there. I studied some Tagalog at university. Such a fascinating language. But also a very exotic and difficult one! I hope you are doing well and if you need some English practise, you mights start with it replying to this message here. hehe. Best, Lingua
  5. Welcome Crystal! Bonjour! What kind of learnings materials do you use on your journey to French mastery if I may ask? Great to have you here!
  6. Hey and welcome! So nice to have you here on Linguaholic.com! Yes, studying Japanese is really hard and takes a looooong time. Same as with Chinese. But it's sooo much fun, isn't it? I just studied Japanese at university for two semesters and also did not get anywhere. but I was able to get Chinese to a pretty decent level. But that took me many many years. Kanji are so beautiful. And luckily they are borrowed from Chinese, so I can at least understand the general meaning of some Japanese sentences :=) With films, studying french is maybe easier, yes. However, as far as Japanese goes, there are many good learning resources out there. You will find lots of great resources in the Linguaholic Blog. Best, Lingua
  7. No. This one is simply wrong. It can never be "a aller".
  8. No, it's wrong. It can never be "a aller".
  9. Welcome to Linguaholic! I wish you all the best on your journey to Spanish mastery. I am also going down that road soon. My Spanish is at almost 0 right now, though.
  10. Hey there. Warm welcome to Linguaholic! I am glad you found my forum and I wish you Merry Christmas! See you in the threads here on Linguaholic! Best, Lingua
  11. Welcome, Joel! Great to have you here on Linguaholic!
  12. Wow. That's an impressive list of languages, Leon! Is it confusing for you to tell Catalan and Spanish apart? That's something that I am interested in because I might move to Spain (Barcelona) in the near future.
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