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  1. Welcome Sartha. How is it going?
  2. the word is "schüchtern" (shy) https://en.pons.com/translate/german-english/schüchtern
  3. Join us on Discord. We have many french natives on there! discord.me/linguaholic It's FREE and FUN. See you there.
  4. Hey there. I would highly recommend you to join our Discord Server. There, you can chat with hundreds of people your age. And even better, they are all interested in language learning. Here's a link to the server: https://discord.me/linguaholic It's totally FREE. Best wishes, Lingua
  5. it's Chinese for sure. first character is 海 for "sea", "ocean" and the last one is 队 (隊)and it means "team/squad/group." However, I am not sure what the second one is supposed to be. My guess would be that it is talking about some kind of team/group, whereas the first two characters represent the actual group/team name itself and the third character simply stands for "team/group."
  6. Welcome Ruben! Nice to have you hear. Please also make sure to join our Discord Server. You will find lots of language learning buddies there (you can chat with them and talk to them immediately. It's completely free as well). Best, Lingua
  7. hey welcome! Great to have you here on Linguaholic!
  8. Hey Mstrmstr There is no dative in this sentence. bestimmter Ort is a noun phrase within another phrase. and yes, bestimmter Ort is in nominative case and this is why it is "bestimmter. Kind regards, Lingua
  9. I would advise you to join us on Discord. You can chat & talk to people there for free...and improve your oral skills like that! Here's the link: https://discord.com/invite/A2s9uyc
  10. That's a lovely idea. Feel free to start such a project and put it on Linguaholic. Also, we could embed that kind of project on our Discord server.
  11. Hey there Join us on our Discord Server and you will find language buddies to practise with there! https://discord.gg/EpEagaz See you there & have a great day. Regards, Lingua
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