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  1. linguaholic

    Hello everyone

    NoureLingua, welcome! Sorry for the late reply. Hope you have been doing well! It's great to have another teacher here on linguaholic.com! Best regards from Beijing, Lingua
  2. linguaholic

    Du or dir

    "und du" and und dich" are both wrong in this case. You would need to say. "du auch" or "(danke), gleichfalls" in this case.
  3. linguaholic

    The things children say!

    I don't know if that counts...but regardless of the language, it seems that children would just say their own name to express their wish (assert their independence). so my niece would just say "Emma, Emma" if she would like to have something or do something
  4. linguaholic

    Tips for choosing the right language

    I am really surprised to see Chinese that far down tbh :=)
  5. linguaholic

    Tips for choosing the right language

    Hey Dragongirl! First of all, I am sorry for the late answer. Hmm, it is really hard to suggest something here. But in general, I think it is a really good idea to choose a language that, later on, you would like to use on a regular basis...maybe at work. So in my case, I studied Japanese and Chinese. But eventually, I had to drop Japanese because I just studied Japanese out of passion, but in my professional career, there just simply was no opportunity to use Japanese. So I just focused on Chinese ( I am working in Beijing now and I use Mandarin Chinese on a regular basis). So, you should ask yourself if you really do have some concrete plans about how this language is going to be useful for you in the future. Is it really going to have its place in your future plans or not? In most cases, just being interested for a language is not good enough. Chances are that you will lose motivation over time, if you are studying a language just out of sheer interest. Work or maybe the intention of living in one of those countries are great motivation factors in my book. Another one could be if your husband/boyfriend has one of those languages as his/her mother tongue :=)
  6. Hey Bacchinif That's a good question. Unfortunately, I am also not familiar with this. If you do find some material, it would be great if you could post it here. Best, L
  7. linguaholic

    Lingodeer [JP/KR/ZH/VI/ES/DE/FR/RU/PT/EN]

    Could you post the link to the app? Moreover, let me know if I can get a free subscription. I would be willing to test this app, if possible :=)
  8. linguaholic

    Can this subforum be used for conlang critiques?

    Hey there You can do this, no problem!
  9. linguaholic

    typing with character components

    99% of people in China are using Pinyin to input Chinese characters. And I can tell you one thing: Inputting Chinese Characters by Pinyin can be extremely fast. I really doubt that entering Chinese Character by components (radicals) could be faster. And it is definitely not a widespread method to do so in Mainland China. To write Chinese on your keyboard, I would, therefore, recommend you to use Pinyin like everybody does.
  10. linguaholic

    typing with character components

    What do you mean by saying character components? Do you just mean how to input Chinese characters in Pinyin? If that is what you mean, you can find the answer here:
  11. linguaholic

    Need better way to contact admin

    Really? I am very sorry to hear that! Have you tried the Contact US section of the website? That should work just fine. Thanks for pointing this out! Best, Lingua
  12. linguaholic

    I need a little hilfe :-)

    Well. The more common form is "lass" instead of lasse. But you could use "lasse" as an imperative..but then again..I don't see a good way how you could make a nice little sentence with "Lasse" where it would get a double meaning across (both the name (Lasse) and lasse as a verb) Maybe someone else would be more creative, though.
  13. linguaholic

    I need a little hilfe :-)

    hmm, I can't think of anything right now, unfortunately. In fact, you could maybe just say "Lasse es krachen" which means like "let it bang"..but strictly speaking it would need to be "Lass" instead of "Lasse". So it is grammatically not 100% perfect. But people would definitely get the joke.
  14. linguaholic

    I need a little hilfe :-)

    oh I see. Well, if you say "Lasse, die Kanone", then the only way this can be interpreted in German is that "Lasse" is the actual name of that person. It doesn't make sense to say "lasse die Kanone", as it does semantically not make any sense. The problem is that "lassen" is a "Modal Verb" in this case and therefore it demands a verb. It demands the use of a verb (n infinitive form at the end of the phrase. Like in english "to let, to allow". There would need to be a verb after Kanone to make it work (grammatically) AND as it is an imperative, the verb form would need to be "lass" instead of lasse.". Something like "Lass die Kanone fallen", "Lass die Kanone Schaden anrichten", "Lass die Kanone Unheil anrichten", "Lass die Kanone wieder Feuer spucken"....I hope you get the idea. Hope that helps. Best, Marcel