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  1. Hello, I'm Anna and I'm 19 years old. I'm currently learning both Italian (around B1) and German (around B2) and I'd be happy to find a friend approximately my age to chat with! In exchange I would gladly help you with any of the languages I know - Russian and Ukrainian are my native languages, and I'm also fluent in English. I'm most comfortable with texting, and my apps of preference are Telegram, WhatsApp or Skype. If you're interested, you can just reply below or private message me, and leave your username or login in any of these apps. Just to give you an idea about what kind of pers
  2. Hi there, my name is Anna or Annie, and as you can see I'm new to this forum. I was kinda hesitant before writing this, as I'm usually too shy to post any comments on the Internet, but I guess the best things happen once you step out of your comfort zone. So here's just a little info about me: I live in Ukraine, I'm currently a sophomore at university, I'm fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English, and have been studying German and Italian since school. I have also begun to study Japanese last September. I would be happy to find someone approximately my age to chat with and improve the language
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