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  1. Wow. That's an impressive list of languages, Leon! Is it confusing for you to tell Catalan and Spanish apart? That's something that I am interested in because I might move to Spain (Barcelona) in the near future.
  2. The website looks nice! Congrats on the launch.
  3. It is Chinese, "xuān huā cǎo". It is probably a reference to the flower Hemerocallis fulva However, it seems that the second and third character are in reversed order. If it is indeed the flower Hemerocallis fulva that we are talking about here, then it should be 宣草花 rather than 宣花草. As the "drawing" of the characters is not very accurate anyways, I guess this could very well just be a mistake.
  4. This is the traditional character for Qì. The simplified version of the character is 气. It has a couple of meanings. One of the meanings is indeed air. Another common meaning of 气 is (vital) energy rather than strength. You can see the different meanings of the character here: Keep in mind that an isolated chinese character almost always have many different meanings and in modern chinese is usually used togeter with at least one more character to form a noun.
  5. and one part is something like super stainless ....
  6. I also don't understand everything. In the beginning maybe he is saying I'm (then a name), something like Nate maybe. one part is saying "which I don't mind". and then in the end "must have felt like living the dream, I reckon."
  7. Hey there. And warm welcome to linguaholic! Not easy to give you some recommendations here but I will try. After reading your post, this is what came to my mind: German: As your native language is English, studying German will definitely not be that difficult. You will already know lots of words because English and German obviously share lots of Cognates. German grammar is somewhat difficult and definitely more difficult than English Grammar. But still, nothing too crazy, there. Japanese: Japanese is definitely a very interesting language to learn. And in your case, as your goal is to move to Chinese later on, I can tell you the following: As far as speaking goes, studying Japanese will NOT be of any help to learn/understand Chinese later on. Well, there are Chinese pronunciations of Japanese words but to be honest, those are not even that close and unless you are very advanced in Japanese, you probably won't even hear the similarity. Moreover, Japanese is not a tonal language and Japanese and Chinese are after all NOT related etymologically. However, as far as Kanji go, those will definitely help you to master Chinese later on...as guess what, Kanji are almost all derived from Chinese. However, there is one problem: The Kanjis used in Japanese are still in the traditional form (= traditional Chinese characters). So that means that you would learn the complex versions of the Chinese characters, which are now only used in Hong Kong and in Taiwan. On the mainland, people use simplified Chinese characters, these days. That is not a big problem but definitely something you should be aware of. In terms of Grammar, studying Japanese won't be of any help either. To wrap things up, I would just like to say: I think it is always best to study the language that you have some passion for. If you don't have any passion or at least strong motivation to learn a language, chances are that you will never get anywhere. This especially holds true for a language as"exotic" as Japanese or Chinese. Learning these languages will take you YEARS and it is just simply not something you can do half-heartedly. If you just feel "forced" that you have to do one of those two at the moment (German or Japanese), studying German will definitely be the easier choice for you. If you go with Japanese, you will be able to pick up some Kanjis that can be very useful for your later studies in Chinese, though. Those are my thoughts about your question. I could go on for another half an hour, I think. But it's probably better to stop here for now. If you do have some specific questions about either German or Chinese (German is my native language and I studied Chinese for many years), feel free to ask. Best, L
  8. Some suggestions: In the last question, it should be INTO FRENCH. So into instead of in and French instead of french. In the first question, it should be discovers instead of discover.
  9. yes, and I can't blame you for that.
  10. Because "von Jesus Christus" is in the dative case, "Sohn Gottes" needs to be in the dative case as well because there needs to be agreement with the antecedent (reference word).
  11. linguaholic


    yes. no problem.
  12. Could anybody please tell me how you can say "as per your request" in Tagalog? A (few) sample sentences to go along with that would be appreciated. Best, Lingua
  13. Welcome, Pavel! Nice to have you here!
  14. Hindi is the language native to India, Hindus (or Hindu) are persons who regard themselves as culturally, ethnically, or religiously adhering to aspects of Hinduism.
  15. Wilkommen auf Linguaholic.com! Hoffe, dass es Dir hier gefällt. Wenn du Fragen hast, dann kannst du mich jederzeit fragen
  16. Sounds like a very interesting vacation AleLoredo! I am in Spain right now. This country is really beautiful. I am in Barcelona. Really enjoying myself here.
  17. The first part of the translation is ok ("tu es simplement magnifique") but the second part is wrong because demande does not correspond to "crave". But is this sentence even correct in English? Can you really say "I crave you my darling"?
  18. What does ogling mean?
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