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  1. The first part of the translation is ok ("tu es simplement magnifique") but the second part is wrong because demande does not correspond to "crave". But is this sentence even correct in English? Can you really say "I crave you my darling"?
  2. What does ogling mean?
  3. For some English tests, you might have a look here https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/test-your-english/ As for the topics, you can simply search for some desired keywords in the forum and you will find plenty of useful posts about all kinds of things As far as studying English, I think the best thing you can do is always immersion. Try to get into an English environment or create an English environment around you :=)
  4. Thank you, that is great! Good luck with the videos. I like the style.
  5. You are welcome. I might travel to Vietnam soon, so I might tune in from time to time :=)
  6. I just had a look and gave your video a LIKE. Good job! Stay strong
  7. Do you mean what kind of App or Software I am recommending you to learn English?
  8. Warm Welcome Alro777! Hope you are having a good experience on linguaholic.com. Let me know if you need anything!
  9. Hi Versus. I have Grammarly Premium and I have been using it over a year. So my experience with Grammarly is this: It is indeed pretty useful and helps you to quickly spot any mistakes (punctuation, sentence order, vocabulary-related problems, etc.) However, I still feel like the functionality of the software is pretty limited. And the Premium version does not at all too much to that. I am still using Grammarly on a daily basis though, as I am writing pretty much every day. If you do have specific questions about the software (premium), feel free to ask and I will be happy to provide some further information, screenshots & so on if desired.
  10. Hey there! Well, German is my mother tongue. I had to learn French in school. English is just really a language that you HAVE to know. I use it all the time in all kinds of situations and places. Chinese: I worked in China for the last two years and I studied sinology at university. That is why I learned Chinese....
  11. Hey Anass22! Warm welcome to Linguaholic! I see you are also studying Spanish. I am still a beginner, but I am eager to learn more about Spanish, as I will go to Barcelona very soon! What is your motivation to learn Spanish?
  12. Hi there. What does this link have to do with the fact that you would like to study in Japan next year?
  13. 1. Die Festspiele sollen im nächsten Jahr in Halle stattfinden. 2. Im Westen der Stadt muss man ein Neubauviertel errichten. 3. Man muss die Altstadt sanieren. This exercise is a little bit weird, though. And in sentence 2 and 3 "sollte" could also be a possibility, but not really "soll". That is why I chose "muss".
  14. Hey Alessandro! I am really happy to see you here on linguaholic.com! It is great to see young linguaholics like you! Hope you have a great time here. And please let me know if you have some specific questions! Best, L
  15. Hey SteveB, warm welcome to Linguaholic! How do you like the Rosetta Stone software, so far? I am really curious about that. I would like to pick up some Spanish too, but I am probably sticking to learning apps on my iphone rather than spending money for Rosetta Stone. Best, L
  16. hmm, maybe you are simply reading something a little bit too difficult, then? When I am rading stuff in Chinese, I do face a similar problem but I think it has to do with the fact that it is just a little bit overwhelming and I need to check lots of words and characters...and thus I feel tired. However, even when reading a book in my native language, it often makes me very tired and I am basically only reading books when my mind is still fresh (so basically just in the morning, hehe).
  17. Hi TaraD I am also trying to pick up some Spanish as I booked a one-way ticket to Barcelona for octobre 1th. :=)
  18. First of all, Welcome Calendon! Hope you are having a good time here on linguaholic.com! Let's get straight to the subject matter:=) Well, I guess it really depends on what your mother tongue is. For someone whose mother tongue is Chinese, it is much easier to study Japanese because they already have a very good grasp of all the Kanji in the Japanese language. For someone whos mother tongue is German, it is easier to study English becuase both are Germanic languages....and so on and so forth. I personally do speak Chinese but I would say that Japanese is more difficult on the whole because Japanese Grammar is very complex whereas Chinese Grammar is super easy. The tones in Chinese Mandarin are definitely very demanding, but then again, when compared to Cantonese, it is not that bad at all, as Cantonese has 6-9 different tones. There are so many levels to this that it is really hard to say if a language is actually harder than another...it just really depends on what you are used to (speak) and what aspects of language you are good at. Some people might do very well in grammar of a specific language but they might be struggling very hard with mastering tonal languages...I had a german friend here in Beijing, he was great at Grammar of multiple languages, however, he was unable to learn Chinese for the simple reason that he could just not figure out how to pronounce the syllables properly (due to the fact that Chinese is a tonal language).
  19. yea, google translate is not always on point, unfortunately. deepl.com does a much better job, in my opinion. Unfortunately, it is not available for that many language pairs (yet).
  20. I don't think the second sentence is (grammatically) acceptable. When using the noun "lack", you would usually need to say "a lack of something", like a lack of motivation or a lack of skill or something like that.
  21. Welcome, Vlad! Nice to have you here on linguaholic.com!
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