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  1. Yesterday I did a dictation and then that word appered. I checked on dictionary and It has the same mean as dinner. Because of this I'm trying to understand the differents beetween these two words.
  2. Which is the difference beetween dinner and supper. Both is for meal but which one choose and when?
  3. I've already installed it but I don't know where I have to enter or which hastag I have to select
  4. For example, where can I find people to talk with ? I never find people connected in real time
  5. I've registered on Discord...but I don't understand how use it Thanks
  6. Wow you are amazing ! My native tongue is Italian, and I only studying English, but I also understand a little bit of French learned only listening it for years in a tv show ! My biggest difficulty with English are the verb tense. Maybe I can try to open a topic but...there is someone else in this forum ? Except you I didn't see anyone. I mean ... please just continue to help me, otherwise no one else will do it
  7. It's not a problem, I have to make practice. My English it's too clumsy. Well I have a good reading capacity but when I have to talk or write, my mind went blank. It's difficult for me to espress a thought, traslated it from my native thongue and then say it. This is the reason why I choose to try an English forum. I hope to make pratice and then take a little more security. For example, I know it said "keep in mind" but when I tried to espress my thought, I have choose the wrong word and then you have corrected me
  8. Wow I've just register and I was already corrected Well a pair of them was a typing errors. The others I'll try to hold them in mind ! Thanks a lot, and please continue to correct me
  9. Unlike you I've heard many time the word indeed, mostly on videogames. In italian language there is a very similar word to indeed as meaning (INFATTI) so I agree with what Monox said. It's just as say "exactly" or "yea that's it" but also to get emphasis in something. I think so...
  10. Hi everyone, I'm Cinzia and because of my work I have to emprove my english. So I've think that an english forum It could be a good occasion to challenge myself . If I wrong somgfething, please feel you free to correct me
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