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  1. Argentines speak their own dialect of Castellano which has pronunciation unique to it, unlike from Spain and also very different from most other similarities in North, Central, and South American Spanish. So, yes, there are a lot of differences!
  2. Hey~ I'm vrysius and I'm the American child of an Argentine, born and raised around Washington D.C. in the United States. My pronouns are He/They. I lived for a few years in NL and picked up a fair amount of fluency in Dutch from there, although I am out of practice and my grammar is probably terrible again. When I was a child, I wanted to learn every spoken language in the world, haha. Now I just want to be fairly familiar with at least one or two languages per continent. Unfortunately, with everything else I have to put energy into in my life, this might be kind of an unobtainable
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