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  1. Argentines speak their own dialect of Castellano which has pronunciation unique to it, unlike from Spain and also very different from most other similarities in North, Central, and South American Spanish. So, yes, there are a lot of differences!
  2. Hey~ I'm vrysius and I'm the American child of an Argentine, born and raised around Washington D.C. in the United States. My pronouns are He/They. I lived for a few years in NL and picked up a fair amount of fluency in Dutch from there, although I am out of practice and my grammar is probably terrible again. When I was a child, I wanted to learn every spoken language in the world, haha. Now I just want to be fairly familiar with at least one or two languages per continent. Unfortunately, with everything else I have to put energy into in my life, this might be kind of an unobtainable goal. I work by day in Networking and Systems Support, and have a strong desire to write and publish fiction. I am technically working on a novel and a video game script (in English). I am also becoming very people-oriented and invest a lot of time supporting my friends and family. Anyway...! I am currently primarily focused on increasing my fluency in Spanish. My mother was very invested in my English literacy to the point where she never spoke to me in Castellano and only taught me rudimentary basics when I got older. Some of it I actually rejected for a time and I am really hoping to be able to reclaim an important part of my background. Also, Spanish fluency is just a really good life and social community skill to have in my area. Outside of that, I have been wanting to increase German fluency out of fancy, and I want to learn ASL because I find it important for every hearing person to be able to assist the Deaf/HOH by learning ASL. Distant linguistic goals also include familiarity with Arabic and at least one major language from the African continent, but I have not chosen which would be meaningful or pragmatic enough to me to justify learning it without coming off like a language imperialist. Sorry I am verbose! I hope to gain a lot from this forum!
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