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  1. Hi there, I am a foreign language teacher in my country. I have some questions to you experienced teachers out there. - 1.Should I teach the class only in the studied language? If I do, don't grammar explanations become too complex and overwhelming? You have to understand both the grammar and the new words, used to explain it. Especially in lower levels, and especially for students, who haven't learned the words well enough. Also, sometimes quite a bit of new words are given in one class visit; if you explain all the word meanings in the studied language, it will take too muc
  2. hrup


    Hey L Thanks for the reply. Here's the source : http://konjugator.reverso.net/konjugation-deutsch-verb-möchten.html As someone in another forum wrote, "Die Vergangenheitsformen und viele andere gibt es so nicht. Sie sind vielleicht automatisch erstellt." Seems probable. Feeling welcomed. Thanks!
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    Hey people, Auf Deutsch möchten is a Konjunktiv 2 form of mögen, coming from its Präteritum + umlaut, right? So why do some conjugation sites show a möchtete form? Is there really such a thing? Is möchten really a separate verb by itself, with its own Präteritum? When we want to say "I would like" in the past tense, shouldn't we use mochte or wollte, instead of möchtete? Thanks a lot!
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