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  1. Hello. Try to push the green button (indicated on screeshot). You don't need to register to use test button, but you need to register to keep your vocabulary in your profile. Otherwise your words will be lost in some days. When I say a "written test", I mean that you have to physically type an original word from a keyboard during a test. You have to type it correctly to get points and decrease the "difficulty" of the words you are studying. Please ask any questions.
  2. Long time I've been looking for any online service, where I could store and keep my own words, with translation, example and train them with a written test. But did not find it anywhere. Numerous apps and sites offer pre-compiled abstract words with flashcards test, but I wish my words with a written test. So I refreshed computer lessons from school, studied basics of web design for 3 weeks on youtube and made such webpage. Now I use it to learn Finnish language and like it a lot. Maybe someone find it useful. http://testyourwords.com/ Share any ideas how to improve it.
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