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  1. Yeah, it was lovely. Nice to be home though!
  2. iHola! I'm currently working on a Spanish course for English speakers. I'm fluent in Spanish, but I don't have a native accent (although I'm getting there), and I'm also thirteen so I don't like how my voice sounds in the course. So, I was wondering if any native Spanish speakers would like to do the job for me? It wouldn't require any travel or anything, just for you to record audio using anything available to you, and for the samples to be emailed to me. There are 1000 small sentences, for example, "Es lo que es". It wouldn't take long to get through them, but I'd like to request
  3. Ciao! For the last few weeks I've been on holiday to Spain, and I had a great time. Sadly, that meant I couldn't be here to post and comment on the forums. Anyway, I'm back now, so I'll be posting as before. Sorry everyone! - Frankie.
  4. Ah, sorry Leon. I didn't see your post until after I had written mine. Yeah, I totally agree with you. - Frankie.
  5. I agree with many of the posts in response to your question of Esperanto's "fail" in the auxiliary language field. It seems there isn't much point in learning Esperanto, at least to speak it with other people. However, I believe it has great potential as a way to begin learning languages. A natural language has many irregularities which can be daunting to a first time learner. But by first learning Esperanto, being it a language with simple grammar and few irregularities, it becomes far easier to pick up other languages. I learnt French and Spanish (I'm native English) before discovering Espe
  6. I'm glad you're interested! I was planning on making a post about it later, so that will explain fully. To make the language sound beautiful and nice on the tongue, I adopted many rules, sounds and words from the Romance languages. For example, I took the 'sb' letter combination from Italian, along with the 'c' being the equivalent of English's 'ch'. Also, I 'stole' the ability to drop pronouns, as seen in Italian and Spanish. I'm fluent in French, so much of the grammar was taken from there, for example the 'ne...pas' negation method becoming nagative adverbs by changing 'pas'. E.g: ne..
  7. Hey Linguaholics! Not a long one today, but I have quite an interesting topic for you - the creation of a lexicon. A lexicon is the list of words in a language, and lexicons can be organised in many helpful ways. I use a site called Conworkshop (not sponsered or an employee), and they are a community based site containing many beginner to advanced level conlanging tools. One of the tools is a lexicon builder, which gives lists of different types of words for you to translate into your language, and then it stores the entries in your language's dictionary. Conworkshop is also a great
  8. I'm really glad that there's now a forum for this! And I'm delighted to be the moderator. Looking forward to the future working as a community!
  9. Hey all! It's been common request for a while now that a Conlanging forum is opened, and it's finally happened! I'm really excited to be moderator of the forum, and I'm encouraging all of you to come and join me. Do you know what a Conlanging is? Come over to the forum by clicking below to find out! There's even a weekly article to teach you about the subject, and a place for you all to share your wonderful creations. So, come and join us by clicking... ...right here! Hope to see you there soon! Regards, Frankie.
  10. 10.06.18 Science vs Art Hello and welcome to ConlangCut, the weekly service bringing all you conlangers great content on all aspects of the wonderful art... or is it a science? Well, that's what we'll be discussing in today's article of ConlangCut. Don't forget to share your opinion by commenting, I'd love to know what you think about the idea of a weekly article. Also, I've included a poll on this thread - Conlanging - Sciene or Art? Wait! Before you cast your vote, read the article, it may sway your decision. I've already informed you on today's topic: is conlanging an art or
  11. Wow! Tagalog? I'd love to be able to even think about tackling such a language. I think it'd be harder for me than you, though, as you're native tongue is German, which has some crazy word order at times. Even a simple sentence using weil changes the order - and don't get me started on prepositions! I think what I'm trying to say is I'm not great at German Glad you liked the article. Frankie.
  12. Hey! I think you're doing really well, bravo my friend. However, watch out for relaxation of some words. When you said "good relationships" it sounded a bit like "g'rationships". I'm a native English speaker, and I can understand you well, so I think you're doing a great job! Regards, Frankie.
  13. Hey Linguaholics! I'm currently writing a new article about some linguistic science, and I mentioned word order. I wanted to link the section to an article, but I couldn't find one specifically on this subject that was simple enough for anyone to understand. Therefore, I've decided to make one myself. Word order is the order that words are placed in a sentence, to put it simply. Take the example below: it's a simple sentence consisting of four components. He loves brown dogs madly. We first have the subject "he". The subject of the sentence performs whatever is happening in
  14. Hey everyone! My name is Frankie and I'm the moderator of this forum - the Conlang forum. What's a conlang? I hear you ask. The dictionary says it's a "language that has been artificially created". So, conlanging is the art of making your own language; you can be however weird and wonderful you'd like! Doesn't it sound great: talking amongst your friends, family or even just yourself without anyone else understanding a word you're saying? But it isn't all just a game - there have been many conlangs that have become famous. Most of these were trying to make themselves the mother tongue of
  15. 50% is pretty good - I'd go for it! Frankie.
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