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  1. Follow us on WeChat and get ICboard-based lessons for free! It offers you a new innovative learning technology to speed up the learning process 3x faster. Add ICboardinfo on WeChat to ask for the pass code of the lessons, meanwhile, we provide one-on-one tutoring for you if you have any questions on Chinese studying!
  2. Yes. Chinese character is very hard to recognize and write, which is a huge obstacle in Chinese study for a learner. Actually, that's the problem that we want to solve.
  3. Hi there! Here comes the『saviour』 to help you with Chinese characters learning and typing! Do you find it easy to learn pinyin and spoken Chinese but difficult to move on learning characters, similarly hard to type accurate Chinese on your mobile? Join us and learn Chinese characters with an amazing patented mobile keyboard--ICboard! It's just created for you to speed up your Chinese learning and make you type Chinese words better and faster! Highlights: A magic Pinyin code that helps you type characters without having to know them; A mobile input method that im
  4. Is Chinese difficult to learn? We often hear quite a few people say: “I want to learn Chinese, but the characters drive me nuts.” Chinese characters are difficult for sure. Made up of strokes, Chinese characters is the morphemic recording morpheme and most of them indicate the meaning only. Apart from that, the writing system is different from alphabetic script which widely used by most nations. But fortunately, living in the era of of information and technology, we don’t really need to write but type in daily life. Mobile phone, pad, lap
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