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  1. Hola,, I just started learning Spanish two days ago. Is there any Podcast or Audio lessons. It would be great to learn while exercise. Gracias,
  2. I think Narcos is the best. Also, I am watching now Morroco: Love in times of war. I am watching with an English subtitle hehe. I just start learning Spanish. Have fun,
  3. Hola,, Buenos dias ,, Me llamo Omar. I am from Saudi Arabia. Speak only Arabic and still learning English. I like to play board games like Chess and iGo. I like swimming too. Also I like travelling and exploring the world. Last week I went to Prague and I met three awesome friends from Poland. One of them was speaking four languages and he was communicating easily with everyone. That was so cool. So I decided to learn Spanish. Two days ago I brought my note and pen. I started learning from different youtubers. I learned around 30 words and sentences. But it was not fun at
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