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  1. Thanks for your reply. It seems like that part of FluentU is concentrating on building vocab, but throwing in incorrect grammar just to confuse everything! I had another completely different query, but it seems a bit unnecessary to start a new topic. "Man kann ja nie wissen" - Why is there a "ja" in the middle? I've asked two German speakers and the answer I've been given is that in this context "ja" is more of a sound than a word, but it still confuses me.
  2. I've been using FluentU and one of the videos included a line in a song - "Im Dezember man Sterne sehen kann." https://youtu.be/v5Nzm6TvF_Y?t=2m12s Is this word order correct? If so, what's going on with it? I thought a verb needs to come as the second 'group' in the sentence then the rest of the verbs stack at the end of the sentence. "Im Dezember man Sterne" seems too big to be a single concept since it contains a time and two nouns.
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