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  1. Well, I admit that if I were to take private lessons here in Italy with a native speaker from Russia who is also qualified to teach Russian to foreigners ,it would surely be more expensive, and in that case I would have probably never considered taking private lessons. The only disadvantage I can find in taking lessons this way is that my teacher doesn't speak Italian, but it is not a problem as she encourages me to speak Russian as much as possible during class and, if it's necessary, we speak English. Also, it is always interesting to make comparisons between our countries and tell her things about Italy
  2. Yes, through Skype, I found my teacher on iTalki, as there are no Russian classes in my city and private teachers are too expensive. First time I tried skype classes and I've had no problem so far. So yeah, I've been taking one class per week since Semptember with the same teacher, exactly as I'd do in real life, and I feel that the only difference is that we're in different timezones haha But it's actually great that my teacher lives in Russia, since she can tell me lots of things regarding Russian culture and daily life.
  3. Thank you! Unfortunately, I feel like I've lost a bit of my speaking fluency, as I don't really have any occasion to speak it since I left high school, but I wouldn't mind getting better at writing as well. I've been a lurker on the internet for a long time but now I decided to try writing more often. For what concerns Russian, which is actually the language I'm focusing on right now, I think it's going really well. I started taking online classes in Semptember (after trying to learn it on my own - unsuccessfully - for years) and I think it's probably one of the best decisions I've ever made, as I can see that I've actually made some progress already. I'm really motivated to continue learning it!
  4. Hi! I'm Marina and I'm a native Italian speaker. I'm here because I've been studying Russian for a couple of months and wanted to read about other people doing the same. Also, I'd like to improve my English, since I think there is a gap between my comprehension (which is fine) and my production (which I'd like to improve). I think writing in here could be good, as I'm not usually much active in forums (I always end up being a lurker), but I'm passionate about languages, so this time it might work out for me. Moreover, I studied French and Spanish in high school, so it would be cool if I had the chance to practice these languages as well, it would be kinda sad to "lose" these languages, once I've been studying them for five years.
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