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  1. If someone is looking for an option for typing in multiple languages for Windows 10 without using Alt codes or switching keyboard layouts, there is a utility called KeyEXT I wrote which gives access to characters not physically on your keyboard. By holding down a key, options for related keys with accents,etc will pop-up which can then be selected by typing the option number. It is basically how it works on Mac. The default setup includes the characters necessary for most of the common European languages but you can customize it to include any Unicode character - so it opens up the usage to a lot of different languages, symbols, etc. Example screenshot - the 'a' will be replaced with the option selected: If you think this is something that would be useful for you, you can find it here: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9P8X3818K9KT. There is a free trial version available to test it out.
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