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  1. hi, anyohaseyo every one learning a new language can be hard and like every thing else there a way and shortcuts that will help you to get the work done language also the same they is methods and ways that can help you to learn it in short time when there is some other methods that you can use they take long time but they get stuck in the memory for longer time. X by BWPlayer here is my idea i am not fluent in Korean but i want to learn Korean as you do therefor i will be trying different methods and way on my learning journey and give you guys a review and what i really think about it how did i found it i will be learning from trying all those methods also you can see decide if you want to learn it by your self from my review that's is my learning idea that benefit me and you in same time cause i will be having fun learning and review it for you guys and you will be able to see different methods that may help you or just you think it dose not worth and you want to skip it and this is my review about : talk to me in Korean lvl 2 let's review talk to me in Korean level 2 i hope you found it useful have fun and good bey
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