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  1. Hey there! My name is Alan from Mexico. I'm 22 years old and one from my hobbies is learning languages I just love it. I'm learning: - English (B2), French (B1), German (B1), Italian (A2) I'm a Duolingo Global Ambassador for German Meetings here in Mexico but this time my goal with this podcast is to help people to improve their spanish comprehension with helpful information where I'll be sharing with you my other hobbies: Self-awareness, sport, nutrition, reading, programation, etc. This week episode I give you an introduction to a topic that is really important for me which is being "Fitness". This time it is just in general, and my mom is with me! She was really nervours so she didn't talk alot but hopefully I will get her to be more relaxed the next time I visit her. Btw she is 50 years old and she can beat me jogging! E1 Episode Link: https://anchor.fm/…/E1-Being-Fitness-ft--my-mom--Intermedia… The first "test" episode E0 you can find it here: https://anchor.fm/…/E0-Introduction-to-Your-Daily-Motivatio… Thanks for listening and please let me know what you think and your recommendations!
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