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  1. Hi there, I've written a children's Christmas book - 'Sant's Bicycle', the intro to it can be seen here: https://www.story-books.club/ I've used Google translate to create first draft versions in French, German, Italian and Spanish, which I'm certain have loads of errors form the subtle to the glaring. Unfortunately I can't afford a translator proof reading for each, but I could share 10% of revenues on the language versions of the books once ready. Be aware I've sold about 25 of the English version as I also cant afford a huge marketing budget either....! So 10% of not very much is not very much too! :-) But please take a look at the book on the website. I'd be happy write up a contract that confirms this 10% for anyone that can check each these 4 non English versions - they are short children books - probably just a 10 minute read! Anyone that can please reply here or to my email domburkhalter@me.com Cheers - Dom
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